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I founded Katie DeStefano Design on the idea that everything in your life deserves to be beautiful. I truly believe that small, thoughtful details can have an extraordinary impact.

I’ve always loved creating and discovering, which led me to design.  Yes; I could list all my amazing credentials, but when it comes down to it, what makes the homes I design special are the clients who live in them. Throughout the process I become their extension, and feel so lucky to be invited into their homes after everything is said and done as a friend. It’s a privilege to see everyone gathered around a dining room table I picked out sharing a meal, children using the new living room sofa as a fort, and dogs cozied up in a freshly upholstered chair. 

My gift is seeing what another person defines as beauty. My talent is creating a home that will give people a lifetime of memories, and a place that will let them live their best possible lives.