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I founded Katie DeStefano Design on the idea that everything in your life deserves to be beautiful. I truly believe that small, thoughtful details can have an extraordinary impact.

I am lucky to work with amazing clients who are ready for their homes to be transformed by the magic (yes, magic) of Interior Design. I show them how the beauty of their surrounding can shift their soul, and how quality & craftsmanship can improve their homes energy, and therefore their lives!

I always knew I was going to be an Interior Designer. My 10-year-old self was quite insightful when I proclaimed my life’s work.  When it was time to go to design school, my love of southern culture prevailed and I attended The University of Alabama. I wore pearls & went to etiquette class…oh, and I guess I should mention I graduated Summa Cum Laude (the title made my parents feel better about paying out-of-state tuition). After working for a couple designers, I landed a position at a firm on the AD100, the most prestigious list a designer can be on, where I discovered my love of antiques and true artistry (and a wee bit that Devil Wears Prada is real) . When the recession came, design work wasn’t coming in the door, so I made the ever so scary leap to work for myself. I opened up my retaiI shop, Curiosity, and Katie DeStefano Design in 2010 and have been running a happy, successful business ever since.

I love beautiful spaces as much as the next designer, but when it comes down to it, what makes the homes I design special are the clients who live in them. Throughout the process I become their extension, and feel so lucky to be invited into their homes after everything is said and done as a friend. It’s a privilege to see everyone gathered around a dining room table I picked out sharing a meal, children using the new living room sofa as a fort, and dogs cozied up in a freshly upholstered chair. 

My gift is seeing what another person defines as beauty. My talent is creating a home that will give people a lifetime of memories, and a place that will let them live their best possible lives. If you want your home to add more to your life, I would love to hear from you!



Want to know some personal things about me? This is me living out my dreams of being in Vanity Fair. Now if I could just get Annie Leibovitz to take my photo…

What is your greatest Fear? Missing out on a watched item on The Real Real. I am OBSESSED with luxury consignment!  

What is your greatest extravagance? Shopping in the organic section of Wholefoods everyday. When I get my credit card statement at the end of the month it just a series of repeating lines saying “Wholefoods”.

What is your most treasured possession? An oil painting I thought I got outbid on at auction. At first glance, you think it’s a portrait of George Washington in 1775 military gear, but then you realize it’s a woman. My friends think she’s a little creepy, but I think she’s a curious conversation piece. I feel like I was her in a past life. She’s the one who almost got away.

Where would you most like to live? I would love to be a jet-setting babe and have multiple houses around the world. I currently fantasize about living in the UK. Maybe I’ve watched too much Outlander, but the antiques, the old buildings, the tea (my “nightcap”). I am a sucker for charm.

Who is your hero of fiction? Elizabeth Bennet. “Strong and intelligent, yet bewitching in a completely feminine way". Sign me up and send Mr. Darcy my way!

What is your motto? Jump and your net will appear.

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