BAR VASQUEZ - Argentine Restaurant


This page is in progress—we are working on getting additional photos as there is so much more to this space to share!

Upstairs Private Dining.jpg
Upstairs Private Dining II.jpg
Katie has an ability to create a unique, unforgettable environment both efficiently and in consideration of my budgetary guidance. As a business owner, I find these to be unique skills amongst designers.
— Tony Foreman, Restaurateur

Problem: As an old machine shop, the space was cavernous and a bit run down. The owners wanted a restaurant that felt inviting, and as if you were transported to another world.

Solution: Drama. Adding layers and darkness to the space gave much needed intimacy. Since the space is open concept, we created sections through color and texture to break it up. We did so much research on Argentina we could’ve received a PhD. When you eat here, make sure you order empanadas.