Ritz Carlton, No. 1

Katie is unlike any other designer I’ve worked with in the past in that she underscores the fact that a “house” becomes a “home” when it is filled only with things you find to be beautiful, sentimental or useful. My lovely new home is the result of “curation”, which took time and a lot of patience, but has made all the difference in the world for my daughter and me. There is a story and memory around every corner, which I love.
— Brownyn, Homeowner

Problem: A hard working woman who likes nice things, but needed a lesson on how take her home to the next level. With limited resources on where to get things, her home was filled with off the floor retail that just didn’t jive.

Solution: Bye, bye mass retailer furniture! We are not afraid to tell you what’s not working—it’s our job. Our client was yearning for that off the pages of Architectural Digest feel, which meant we needed to add items with substance and stories. We hooked her up. I’ll let you in on a little secret…the high/low mix typically doesn’t work. It ends up making your “low” look every crappier. The first thank you card she sent us said “thank you for teaching me the error of my ways”. Enough said!