Silo Point, No. 1

Mini Bar.jpg
Mini Bar.jpg
It was so much fun creating this office with Katie! We designed the space as a surprise for my husband while he was deployed as he dreamed of having a true office retreat. Katie kept us on time to ensure we would get everything installed in-time for the big reveal. It was the best experience opening the door to show him the space for the first time. I will never forget it!
— Katy, Homeowner

Solution: We looked at the collections our client’s husband had gathered over the years, stored away in boxes, along with other personal artifacts to figure out what story he would want to tell. To get to the big reveal we needed to make sure there was no delay in making selections. After one meeting we had a game plan and executed with sheer excitement.

Problem: Transforming a space as a surprise for someone who was obviously not involved in the process. **teeth chattering